Sunday, October 28, 2007

4 Great Reads at Epinions

You can find a lot of good writers over at, a product review site. Epinions has gone through a number of makeovers but has managed to hold on to a number of really terrific people who can open your eyes to other viewpoints.

I hope to write about several of them who write produce book reviews, among other things, as this site develops, but meantime, here are four of my favorites.

Stephen Murray , who writes about gay issues and other "other" experiences, those who have been shut out of or discriminated against in society.

Hadassahchana writes with great sensitivity on a number of topics. She's had some tough moments in her life but always comes back and treats others with respect and compassion.

Eplovejoy is another kind and decent person who knows his stuff, whether he's writing about books or movies. He drops off the site for a while, as do others, and then pops up again, to general rejoicing.

Amerpie is listed as no longer active but his stuff is still up and he has a lot of important things to say, particularly about the war. Read him and you may weep.

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