Friday, November 23, 2007

Hmong and Publishing

After years of deep social problems, the Hmong are developing some serious culture in Minnesota
Renowned writer, lecture learns about Hmong arts in Minnesota
By Tom LaVenture

ST. PAUL (November 1, 2007) – The Hmong American Institute Learning (HAIL) has long been known for its support for emerging Hmong writers and poets through the Paj Ntaub Voice Quarterly Journal, and for Bamboo Among the Oaks, the first Anthology of Hmong American writers. The organization is about to undergo a major transformation to accommodate the growth and direction of a new vision and focus on visual and performing arts along with the writers and traditional cultural arts and crafts.

Dyane Garvey, Interim-Executive Director, HAIL, said the organization received a grant from LINC (Leveraging Investments in Creativity), a ten-year national initiative to improve conditions for artists in all disciplines to allow for more creative work. It was instrumental in helping HAIL do a turnaround last year with an art exhibition and strategic planning.

Dr. Rustom Homi Bharucha, a Regent’s Lecturer in the Department of World Arts and Cultures, University of University of California at Los Angeles; and the Department of South and Southeast Asia, University of California, Berkeley, was in the Twin Cities in part to learn more about HAIL as one of 12 LINC grant recipients, to see how the funding has impacted small ethnically diverse organizations in the areas of social transformation and change.

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