Thursday, November 29, 2007

'Kindle' Wins Praise

A must-read for book lovers?
By David Colker
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 28, 2007
For more than a decade, inventors have tried to come up with a high-tech version of that most sacred of analog content delivery systems: the book.

The results have been gizmos only an uber-geek could love.

But finally, someone has come up with a version for humans. At least some humans. last week unveiled the Kindle, a hand-held, rechargeable device that can store hundreds of books, newspapers and magazines to be accessed and read page by page on the go. You can even use it in the living room, curled up in your favorite reading chair.

The experience of looking at a page on the Kindle screen is more like seeing one in an actual book than gazing into the glare of a computer or cellphone display.

The device is slim, only slightly larger than a mass-market paperback, and can do things no book can do, including look up the definition of a word with a click of a couple of buttons.

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